Justin Hyde - In Summary

Senior Web Developer & Student Psychometrist

My name is Justin, and I have over a decade of experience working with clients and liaising between developers, designers and clients in my role as a senior web developer. Many of my clients are in the top 100 JSE listings. My highest qualification is an Honours degree in Counselling Psychology, cum laude, and I’ve just completed a six month practical programme in psychometry.

I love looking at problems and work requirements, then finding an effective and complete solution to these. I also have a passion to help people, for which I have focused on improving  important skills such as active empathic listening and my knowledge of human behaviour. February 2022.

Intra and Inter-personal Skills

  • Active and empathic listening, which benefits my interviewing and client relationship skills
  • Ability to conduct supervised assessments
  • Ability to interpret assessment results and provided critical feedback reports, both verbally and in writing
  • Effective communicating
  • Excellence in work and professional ethics
  • Critical reasoning through post-formal thinking
  • Flexibility in various situations
  • Problem solving expertise
  • Patience in tasks and relationships
  • Keeping skills up to date through lifelong learning
  • Conscientious, determined and goal oriented
    work ethics

Web development related skills

  • Use of:
    • HTML5
    • PHP
    • CSS3
    • JavaScript (jQuery)
    • WordPress
  • Teaching classes on the basics of web development and CMS use
  • Mobile responsive web development
  • Advising design based off latest technology
  • Advising and implementing accessible coding
  • Skilled in user experience and UI development
  • Ability to find and fix coding errors and implement complex coding requiring expertise

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